Anaplan Home serves as a personalized entry point and introduction to your Anaplan experience.  From Anaplan Home, you have fast and direct access to parts of Anaplan that are most relevant to you, such as your favorites, models, apps, and pages, through an improved look and feel. 

Anaplan Home showing links to models, My Pages, and apps. The Favorites panel displays on the right.

Home organizes your content by categories, and by most recent activity. To assist navigation of these categories, you can select the chevron next to the category title to expand or collapse the categories. These categories are:

On the right-hand side of Home a list of your favorite models, apps and pages displays.

Home also offers common navigation components to use throughout Anaplan. The navigation experience will be the same whether you are in a model or an app, including search, notifications, help and account management.

Note: You can always return to Anaplan Home from the Application menu.


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