In the Users > Internal tab, select a user entry to view the relevant details. The Details tab provides a view of the internal user’s profile details.

To view a user profile:

  1. In Users, select the user entry in the list.
  2. Click the Details tab (selected by default) within the panel on the right-hand side.
The Details tab in the Users > Internal interface in the Administration console. The inspector panel displays with the user account's details.
Profile detailDescription
EnabledThe user account status. To change this setting, see Enable or disable internal users.
First NameThe first name on the user profile.
Last NameThe last name on the user profile.
Email AddressThe email address associated with the user profile.
Last LoginThe last time the user logged in to the tenant.
User IDThe Anaplan-assigned ID for the user.

To edit user details:

  1. Modify any of the editable elements (Enabled, First Name, or Last Name).
  2. Click Save.


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