You can use the Administration console to assign or unassign roles for internal users in your tenant.

Tenant administrators can assign these roles to internal users:

Encryption administrators can assign the Encryption Administrator role to internal users. To assign your initial Encryption Administrator role, see Get Started with BYOK. To assign this role to other users, a tenant administrator must send written approval to their Anaplan Support representative. For more information, see BYOK Best practices.

Note: Internal users can be workspace administrators, but this can only be assigned within a model by a workspace administrator.

To view roles assigned to internal users, access the Administration console and select Access Control > Assignments.

To assign or unassign roles:

  1. Access the Administration console
  2. Select Access Control > Assignments
  3. Select an internal user from the list.
    If you don't see the user, use the search dropdown and search field to refine your search.
  4. To assign, select a Roles checkbox next to the role you want to assign.
    You can select more than one role.
  5. To unassign, deselect the Roles checkbox next to the role you want to unassign.
    You can deselect more than one role.
  6. Select Save.