With the User Admin role, you can create users who belong to your tenant.

Note: You can manage user access to workspaces in three ways:

  • A user administrator can create users and assign them to, or unassign them from, a workspace in the Administration console.
  • A workspace administrator can add or remove users from the Users pane in a model.
  • A workspace administrator can import a list of users to add users and update user details.

If a user administrator and workspace administrator input conflicting changes for a user, the most recent transaction determines the user account status. 

To avoid user status conflicts, we recommend that your organization use the user administrator role to provision user access. Workspace administrators can then refine model-level access from the Users pane in a model.

To create an internal user:

  1. In Users > Internal, select New.
  2. Complete the dialog prompts for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
    It's good practice to leave email addresses unused when users are removed. Reassigning email addresses to new users can cause problems with email delivery.  Anaplan doesn't support user accounts that re-use email addresses from deleted user accounts.

The email address must:

  • Follow the standard email address format. For example, name@domain.com
  • Contain a maximum of 60 characters.
  • Can't start or end with an _ (underscore) character.
  1. Select Create user to create the user account.
  2. Select the workspaces to which the user can access. Either: 
    • Select the checkbox with a hyphen next to the search box to select all the workspaces in your tenant.
    • If you've many workspaces, use the search to find a specific workspace.
  3. Select the Notify user when added to workspaces to send a notification email to the user after their account is created.
  4. Select Add to Workspaces to assign the user to the selected workspaces, or select Skip to skip this part of the process.
    A confirmation displays for the created user account. If you've assigned workspaces, a confirmation displays indicating the user is assigned to the workspaces.