In Anaplan for Microsoft 365, change a card's context selectors to change the data that displays.

To change context selectors on a card inserted as an image or data in the add-in, you must configure the card template in Anaplan and save it as a card template.

Card templates created from saved module views in Anaplan display the default module view in Microsoft Office. 

Note: The ability to insert data from custom views is disabled. This ensures that data remains private, as page builders can choose to hide data in a custom view. 

Change the context selectors on a card

You can change the context selectors for a card before you insert it in your document, or once it's in your document. 

To change the context selectors on a card: 

  1. In the add-in, find and select the card you want in the Templates tab or Cards in Document tab. 
  2. Select the context selectors you want, or deselect the context selectors you no longer want. 
  3. You can select:
    • Insert as image or Insert card's data from the dropdown, if you're in the Templates tab.
      You can only insert a card as data if you're in an Excel document. 
    • Refresh if you're in the Cards in Document tab.

Context selector statuses

Context selectors change appearance based on your permissions and if you need to take action.

If a context selector:

  • Is red, you need to select at least one context selector to insert the card into your document.
  • Displays a pen , you can change that particular context selector.
  • Displays a lock , the context selector has been set by the page builder and you cannot change it.


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