In Anaplan for Microsoft 365, use Send and refresh to write data changes made in the add-in to an Anaplan module or saved view. 

User authentication in Anaplan is inherited by the add-in.

Send and refresh is only enabled for users with read-write access. Read-only connections cannot send data to Anaplan.

Read-only connections can contain up to 5 million cells. Read-write connections can contain up to 1 million cells, but you can only write 200 thousand cells to Anaplan at a time. 

If you cancel a refresh before the data download finishes, the data that displays in your worksheet is inconsistent with the Anaplan model. Complete a full refresh to ensure the data in your worksheet aligns with the Anaplan model.


You can only update Anaplan with data from cells that are editable in Anaplan:

  • Values in editable cells display as blue.
  • Values in read-only cells display as black.

You can edit read-only values in your Excel worksheet, but the changes cannot be submitted to the read-only cells in Anaplan.

The add-in does not have data validation for list and time period data types. For example, if you type a list item incorrectly the add-in generates a generic error message. 

Send and refresh your cards

  1. Make data changes in your connected Excel worksheet. 
  2. Press Enter.
    This validates the data change.
  3. Open the Cards in Document tab.
  4. Select one or more cards.
  5. Optionally, change your card's context selectors.
  6. Select Send and refresh
  7. Review the changes. 
  8. Select Continue to send the changes to Anaplan. Alternatively, select Skip.
    If you select Skip, changes are not sent to Anaplan. 
  9. Select OK.

When you upload multiple cards, all cards are sent to Anaplan and then refreshed, in the order sent. At the end of the operation, all cards are refreshed and show the latest data. 

Note: After making changes, the add-in saves the values of the connection for up to 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you must Refresh the connection and apply the changes to the cells again before you can Send and refresh.

Send and refresh conflicts

When you Send and refresh, conflicts may occur between the data in Microsoft 365 and the data in Anaplan. For example, if a cell has a date format in Excel, but a number format in Anaplan.

A conflicts screen displays when there's a conflict between Microsoft 365 data and Anaplan data. The conflicts screen displays the location of all value changes or conflicts in the first column. The second column displays the Microsoft 365 value. The third column displays the current Anaplan value. 

By default, the screen displays all changes:

  • Value changes that can be submitted display in black.
  • Value conflicts, where you must choose between the Microsoft 365 data and Anaplan data, display in orange.
  • Format conflicts, and other conflicts that cannot be resolved within the wizard, display in red. 

If only value conflicts display, you can resolve these by accepting either Microsoft 365 or Anaplan values. 

Other conflicts cannot be resolved in the wizard. You may be able to resolve them if you click Cancel and make changes in Anaplan or Microsoft 365, then try again. 


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