In Anaplan for Microsoft 365, you can review and insert Anaplan cards to your Microsoft 365 document. 

You can insert grid cards, chart cards and the main grid of a worksheet as data in Excel.  You cannot insert data from custom views. This ensures that data remains private, as page builders can choose to hide data in a custom view. 

You cannot insert cards as data in Word or PowerPoint documents. 

List-formatted line items do not show as dropdown lists in the add-in. 

When you pivot, filter, or show/hide card data in Anaplan, the pivoted dimensions display in Microsoft 365. Rows or columns you filter or show/hide revert to the default module view in Microsoft 365. 

You'll need to apply filters or select rows or columns to show/hide in Excel. To learn more, read Microsoft's technical documentation on how to filter(opens external page) or show/hide(opens external page) rows or columns. 

If you use Excel's Name Manager function to change the name range of a grid card, the card is removed from the Cards in Document tab. 

Card templates created from saved module views in Anaplan display the default module view in Microsoft Office. 

Inspect a card

To inspect a card, on the Cards in Document tab, select the card you want to inspect, then select Card Actions > Overview

You can view an overview of your cards, including:

  • The Description, defined when a card is added to the template library
  • Additional Details, such as card and data type, card version, the customer and workspace, a link to the source model, and the module name. 

Insert a card as data

You can insert more than one card in your document, or the same card multiple times. 

You can also display a list of card details above your card data, including, last refresh date, card title, model and module name, and context, row, and column selectors. Make sure that the rows where the card details will be added are empty. 

To insert a card as data: 

  1. On the Templates tab, select a card. 
  2. Set the card's context selectors.
    You can only set context selectors if the page builder disabled synchronization between that card and a page when the card template was defined.
  3. You can select Show details in sheet, and toggle the card details you want to display right.
    The settings you apply will apply to all other cards. 
  4. Select Insert card's data.
    You can only select Insert card's data for a grid or chart card in an Excel document.

Insert a card as an image

To insert a card as an image: 

  1. On the Templates tab, select a card. 
  2. Select Import image
  3. You can select Image format > Lock ratio , then specify a Width and Height for the image. 
    By default, Use default size is selected. Images are inserted as 600 x 400 pixels. 
  4. Select Insert image
  5. Select Insert

Resize an image

To resize an image:

  1. On the Cards in Document tab, select the card you want to resize.
  2. Select Card Actions > Resize image.
  3. Deselect Use default size.
  4. Select Lock ratio .
  5. You can specify a Width and Height for the image. 
  6. Select Apply, then select OK.

Clone a card

You can clone a connection, and its data into:

  • A new Excel worksheet.
  • A new PowerPoint slide. 
  • A new Word page. 

Learn how to create a worksheet(opens external page), slide(opens external page), or page(opens external page) on Microsoft's technical documentation.

You'll need to be on your new worksheet, slide, or page to clone your connection to it. If you copy a card, worksheet, or slide, the inserted data does not contain a connection. 

To clone a card, select your new worksheet, slide, or page, and select the card you want to clone, then select Card Actions > Clone card

Remove a card 

When you remove a card from your document, all data within the cell range is permanently removed. For example, any cloned cards are also removed. 

To remove a card from your document: 

  1. On the Cards in Document tab, select the card you want to remove. 
  2. Select Card Actions > Remove card.
  3. Select Continue.


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.