Refresh your cards in Anaplan for Microsoft 365 to make sure you always work with the latest data from Anaplan.

The connection to Anaplan still works after you edit a card's data in Excel. When you refresh a card, it pulls the latest data from Anaplan and overwrites any data you edited in the Excel spreadsheet.

User authentication in Anaplan is inherited by the add-in.

You can reinsert refreshed cards into your document and display the latest Anaplan data. 

To refresh your cards, on the Cards in Document tab, select one or more cards and select Refresh

If the page builder disabled synchronization between the card and a page when the card template was defined, you can change your card's context selectors.

To keep the Excel formulas you've added in the add-in when you refresh your cards, select Menu > Settings , then toggle Preserve formulas right. Your formulas are preserved in all cards in your read-only or read-write workbook connection.

To update Anaplan with data changes, use Send and refresh.

In the Cards in Document tab, the Connection status for each card displays to the right of their names. You lose your connection to a card when:

  • The card template is deleted from Anaplan.
  • You no longer have access permissions to a card's source data.
  • The card is hosted in a different environment.
    In this case, sign in to the correct environment to work with the card. 

Once you have solved any connection issues, you can refresh your cards. You can refresh more than one card at a time and refresh a card you've inserted in to your document multiple times.