Model builders can add and delete list items in lists.

Create any lists you might need in General Lists in the model settings bar.

Find out about naming conventions for list items here.

Note: You can view a maximum of 1,000 list items in Tree view. If the list has more than 1,000 items, you must use Grid view to manage the list.

This procedure it to add items manually. You can also import data into lists to add list items from an external source.

To add a list item manually:

  1. Select General Lists in the model settings bar.
  2. Select a list, then select Open.
  3. Optionally, select an item to insert new items before, after, or as a child of the selected item.
  4. Select Insert in Tree View or Grid View, then:
    1. For numbered lists, enter the number of list items you want to add to your numbered list.
      You can add between one and 1 thousand list items.
    2. For non-numbered lists, enter a name for the list item.
      To create multiple list items, enter a name for each item on a new line. List items names must be 60 characters or fewer.
  5. Select where to insert the new items.
    You can always select Start or End to add the list items to the start or end of the list.
    If you selected an existing item at step 3, you can also choose:
    • Before or After to add the list item before or after an existing list item.
    • Select Child of to create the new item or items as children of the selected item.
  6. Select OK.

To delete a list item:

  1. Select General Lists in the model settings bar.
  2. Select a list, then select Open.
  3. Select Delete in Tree View or Grid View.
  4. Select the list item or items you want to delete.
    You can:
    • Select a single item to move it to the Items to delete panel.
      Select Keep next to the item to move it back.
    • Select Delete All to move all items to the Items to delete panel, or Keep All to move all items back.
    • Select Delete All Leaf Items to move the lowest level items in a list's hierarchy to the Items to delete panel.
    • Select Delete Descendants to select all the children of the currently selected item for deletion. 
  5. Select OK.