Numbered lists contain list items with unique identifiers. Model builders use numbered lists to manage duplicate names in a model.

Create display names to identify numbered list items. For example, the table below contains two employees with the same name. The display names are identical but contain unique identifiers.

Unique identifierParentCodeDisplay name
#1Sales001Elaine Mitton
#2Finance002Debbie Jones
#3HR003Elaine Mitton

Note: Unique identifiers and codes are separate in lists. Add codes to list items for import and export actions.

You can create numbered lists if a list item’s source identifier exceeds 60 characters. For example, use a numbered list if products contain large SKUs. You can also use the Create, Assign, Delete Branch, and Copy Branch actions with numbered lists.

Use appropriate name conventions for your numbered list. For example, prefix the name with a hash (#).

Manage your numbered lists in General Lists in the model settings bar.

Learn how to import data into a numbered list.


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