Lists group related items, such as employees, geographic regions, or products. General lists are the lists workspace administrators create in the General lists pane.

Workspace administrators select lists to use as dimensions in modules to form rows, columns, or pages. They add context to line item data.

List items differ from line items in a module as list items. Line items can be:

  • Used in any module.
    Line items belong to only one module.
  • Only referenced by a formula.
    Line items can be referenced by a formula and can contain a formula.

It's useful to create your own lists, in addition to the default lists, to make your data more specific in context. 

You can also format a list or line item with a list to turn it into a picklist. Users can then select the value for the item from the list.

Access General lists from Model settings to: view, create, open, and configure the settings for your lists. You can also use the toolbar to search for lists in your model, reorder your lists, and export lists.

The Users list displays at the top of General lists.

Open a list to add list items, properties, and subsets. You can configure a list's settings in a list's Configure tab.

You can also view and configure list settings in General lists . Data for each list displays in these columns:

Column nameDescription
Top LevelAssign a top-level item to a list. A top-level item represents the highest level in a hierarchy, and summarizes the data in your list.
Parent HierarchyAssign a parent list to create list hierarchies in your model. 
Selective AccessEnable selective access for a list. Selective access restricts access to lists and list items on a user-by-user basis.
Production DataMark a list as a production list for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).
Managed ByNot available.
Has WorkflowThis is a legacy feature.
PropertiesShows any list properties associated with a list.
SubsetsShows any list subsets associated with a list.
NumberedMark a list as a numbered list.
Display name propertySet the list property for display names.
Is OrganizationMark the Organization list, a default list in Anaplan.
CategorySet a category that summarizes the information in the list. Categories exist by default.
Data TagsShows any data tags associated with a list.
Item CountShows the number of list items in a list.
NotesShows any notes associated with a list.
Referenced in Applies ToShows any modules and line items that use the list as a dimension.
Referenced as FormatShows any line items and list properties that use the list in line item format.
Referenced in FormulaShows any modules and line items that use the list in a formula.
Next item indexShows the index number for the next new list item in the list. Learn more in Reset the list index.
Use Top Level as Default PageMark the list's top level item as a default page selector in the User Experience. Learn more in Configure lists.