You can add CloudWorks integration actions to an action card for your users to import and export data, run process and forecast actions, and assign list items.  

Actions are not available on personal pages or report pages. 

Before you can add a CloudWorks integration action to a page, you must have access to the source model. 

You can only view CloudWorks integrations that: 

To edit cards, select Edit to open your page in designer mode.  

Select Save to save as a draft, or Publish to publish the page. 

To add a CloudWorks integrations action:

  1. Select Configure action on a new card, or hove over your card and select Edit .
  2. On the Action tab of the Card configuration panel, expand CloudWorks™ integration
  3. Toggle any CloudWorks integration actions right to add them. 

When you run an integration from a page, the action runs with your own model and workspace permissions.