Use export actions in your worksheets to enable end users to export data from a model in different layouts. This flexibility enables you to export data from Anaplan in a format that can be processed by your business' other systems.

Before you can add export actions to a page, they must be configured in the source model by a workspace administrator.

You can export your data and worksheets from Anaplan in three layouts: Grid, Tabular Single Column, and Tabular Multiple Column. The layout for your export actions must be set in the source model by a workspace administrator before being added to a page.

You can configure a worksheet toolbar to contain a button that enables end users to export data in the format defined in the source model.

You can also use action cards to enable end users to run export actions on a worksheet or a board. To learn how to add an action card to a board or worksheet, see Configure an action card.

To add an export action to the toolbar of a worksheet:

  1. Open the worksheet in designer mode.
  2. Select Configure worksheet actions.
  3. In the Actions tab of the Configure worksheet actions panel, expand Exports to display export actions from the module.
  4. Toggle right to add an action to the worksheet toolbar, or toggle left to remove it from the worksheet toolbar.
  5. Select Update.
  6. When you're ready, select Publish.

Users can then export data to spreadsheets, databases, or other accounting and reporting systems.