As a workspace administrator, you can assign users to model roles to determine what data and features they can access in a model.

All models have the roles Full Access and No Access, but you can add your own model roles to tailor model content to the needs of your users.

By default, users have the Full Access role for every model when you add them to a workspace. 

Plan what roles your model requires, and assign access to model roles, before you assign users to the roles.

Warning: When you assign a user to the No Access role:

  • The user does not display as an option when you format a line item with the Users list.
  • The selection for any line item with a list format that has the user as the current selection clears.
  • For every module that has the Users list as a dimension, any line item data that references the user is deleted.

It's not possible to assign the No Access role to the currently logged in user.

To assign a user to a model role:

  1. Navigate to Users and select the Users tab.
    Users display on rows and user details display as columns.
    In the Model Role column, the user's current role displays.
  2. Select the cell that displays the model role for the user whose role you want to update.
    A down arrow displays in the right-hand side of the cell.
  3. Click the arrow.
  4. Select the role you want to assign to the user from the list that displays.
    The model role updates.