You can select a landing dashboard for each role in a model. You can have a different dashboard for each role, or several roles can share the same landing dashboard.

If you do not select a landing dashboard for a role, users with that role can view everything to which they have access in model Contents. From there they can select the model content they want to work with.

If a landing dashboard displays data from one or more modules, ensure you assign appropriate access to the role for all the modules the dashboard references. You can view the Dashboards pane to check:

  • Which roles use a specific dashboard as their landing dashboard
  • The modules from which each dashboard displays data

To select a landing dashboard for a model role:

  1. Navigate to Users and select the Roles tab.
    Model roles display on rows and Landing Dashboard displays as a column.
    A dropdown menu displays the landing dashboard in the row for each role.
  2. Select the landing dashboard you want to display for the role from the dropdown list.
    The dashboard you select displays for any user with that role the next time they open the model.