You can assign permission to a model role for users to edit the content of each list in a model.

Users whose roles lack this permission can still view and edit data associated with a list, but they are unable to edit the list itself. That is, you can only insert, delete, or rename list items if your role has permission to do so.

Before you can assign list permissions, you must add a model role or roles.

You can view the current list permissions in the RolesLists tab in the Users pane.

Lists display on rows and roles display on columns. A checkbox displays for each role in the row for each list. It's unchecked by default, which indicates the role does not have access.

To assign list permissions to a model role:

  1. Navigate to Users and select the Roles → Lists tab.
  2. Select the checkbox for role in the row of the list to which you want to grant permission.
    The list permissions for the role change with your selection.
    You can deselect the checkbox to remove permission from that role.