1. Modeling
  2. Control user access
  3. Designate workspace administrators

If you’re a workspace administrator, you can designate other users as a workspace administrators. Workspace administrators can: control access to the models they themselves have access to, add new users to the workspace, and change the roles users have.

Before you begin

Ensure you are in a model within the workspace for which you want the user to be a workspace administrator. Confirm that the user’s name displays in the list in the Users pane.

The Users pane in a model. Users display in a grid, listed by their email address, with columns First Name and LastName, Model Role, Workspace, Single Sign-on, and User ID. Administrator,

If the user is not a user for the workspace, add the user to the workspace.

Note: To prevent you from being locked out, it's not possible to remove the workspace administrator privilege from your own user.

To designate a user as a workspace administrator:

  1. Go to Model Settings > Users.
  2. Select the user name and click the Workspace Administrator checkbox.
Users view in the modeling experience

The user now has workspace administrator level access for this workspace.