1. Modeling
  2. Control user access within models
  3. Model roles
  4. Assign version permissions to model roles

You can assign Read, Write, or None access to a model role for each version of a model.

Users with a role that has Read access can view the data for that version. Users with a role that has Write access can view and amend data for that version. Users with a role that has None access are unable to access data for that version.

Before you can assign version permissions, you must add a model role or roles.

You can view the current version permissions in the RolesVersions tab in the Users pane.

To assign version permissions to a model role:

  1. Navigate to Users and select the Roles → Versions tab.
    Versions display on rows and roles display on columns.
    A dropdown menu displays for role in the row for each version.
    None displays as the default selection for each version when you add a new role.
  2. Select, None, Read, or Write from the dropdown menu the role.
    The version permissions for the role change with your selection.