Restricted integration users can manage CloudWorks connections and integrations created by other restricted integration users.

To manage CloudWorks connections and integrations, users need:

  • Access to the workspaces and models used in CloudWorks connections and integrations.
  • To be assigned as a restricted integration user to the pertinent workspaces.

When an integration runs:

  • Permissions from the last user who runs the integration are applied, even if they did not create the integration. The model's history also shows the user who last ran the integration.
  • By default, the user who created the integration is notified. This setting can be modified. You can notify anyone who has access to the workspace used in the Cloudworks integration.


  • Both integration administrators and restricted integrations users can access CloudWorks. Their role also determines if they can manage CloudWorks connections and integrations created by other users.
  • Restricted integration users can also manage connections and integrations created by unassinged restricted integration users.

If a user is unassigned the Restricted Integration User role, their CloudWorks access is removed.

If the role is unassigned while the user runs an integration: 

  • The user won't have access to the integration. 
  • The integration can still run in the background. 

Other restricted integration users can manage integrations created by an unassigned restricted integration user.