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  4. Integration notifications

As an Integration Administrator, you're notified when an integration has any run errors. 

You get a notification and an email if your integration or connection has failed. 

Sample notification:

Email that Amazon S3 authentication failed.

Sample email:

Customer email that Amazon S3 authentication failed.

Other notifications and emails

  • The job is already running
  • Integration failure, a required model is not available.
  • Only a single job may be run

Amazon S3:

  • Failed to load files from Amazon S3
  • There was a problem communicating with Amazon S3
  • File list could not be loaded from Amazon

Azure Blob:

  • Failed saving Azure connection, wrong credentials
  • Unable to access your files, the Azure Blob action exceeded the time limit
  • Failed to get your files. Storage account name, SAS token or the container may be incorrect. Check the connection and try again.

    Also see  Common errors and solutions