You can configure a link from your card to another relevant page, to present detail, insights, or navigational structure.

To add or edit a card:

  1. Select Edit this page in the toolbar to open your page in designer mode.
  2. Optionally, add a new card.
    Read how to add a card to a board, worksheet, or report.
  3. Select the Configure button on a new card, or hover over your card and select the pencil icon .

To configure a link to another page:

  1. In the Overview tab, select a page from the Link to a page drop-down list.
    The card title links to the page you select.
    If you have not entered a card title, the name of the page you link to displays as the card title.
  2. Select a Link style:
    • Title displays the card title as a link. 
    • Icon displays an icon at the top-right of the card. Users select the icon to navigate to the linked page.
    • None. For image cards, the whole image area is a link. For other card types, there is no link.

To position your card and publish it:

  1. Optionally, drag and drop your card to where you want it to display.
    To drag and drop, select the drag handle in the center of the top of a card.
    • On worksheets, drag your cards within the Additional insights panel.
    • On boards, size and arrange your cards in rows and columns.
    • On reports, freely arrange your cards on report slides.
  2. To save your changes, select Publish.
    You can save the page as a draft if you're not yet ready to publish.