Configure actions on cards so that users can quickly complete business processes. You can configure imports, exports, processes, forms, and notifications. For example, you could configure actions to enable users to import and display data.

To edit cards, select Edit to open your page in designer mode.  

Select Save to save as a draft, or Publish to publish the page. 

You can add actions:

  • To the menu of any card.
    Hover your cursor over the card and select the menu ellipsis in the top right of the card. Select Configure actions, then use the Configure card actions panel to Create new actions or enable existing actions. When actions are added, you can configure them.
  • As action buttons on an existing action card.
    Hover over your card and select Edit . The Card configuration panel opens on the right.
    To configure the style of the button, hover over the button and select Color, Style , and Icon .
  • To the menu of the worksheet toolbar.
    Select on Configure worksheet actions.

You can add Import, Export, and Process actions from a source model, and you can add new form and notification actions to the page.

To configure the card:

  1. In the Overview tab, enter a title for the card in the Title field.
  2. Enter a description in the Description field. The description displays in a tooltip when you hover your cursor over the information icon in the top-left of the card.
  3. To change the color of the title, select the color picker under Title color, then select the color.
  4. To add a link from the card to another page, select a page from the Link to a page dropdown list.
    The card title links to the page you select. If you haven't entered a card title, the name of the page you link to displays as the card title.
  5. To determine, whether the card background displays, toggle Background to the right to display the background of the card, or to the left to or hide the background.
    The background for action cards is enabled by default.

To add actions from a model into an action card:

  1. In the Actions tab, select the type of action to add, for example, Import, Export, or Process.
    A list of the available actions displays.
  2. To narrow the list of available actions, type part of an action name into the Find... field under Add actions.
    The list narrows to those actions with names that contain the typed characters.
  3. Toggle to the right each action you want to add.
    Alternatively, you can toggle actions to the left to remove them from the card.

You can edit and remove forms and notifications from the Manage tab.

Learn how to create a form, create a notification, or create a data write action.

The Manage tab displays the actions you selected or added in the Actions tab. You can change the name of your selected actions and the order in which they display. You can also remove actions from the card.

For import, export, or process actions, the Action label defaults to the Action name assigned in the model. You can only change the Action name in the model. However, you can edit the Action label for form and notification actions, to change how the label displays on your page.

To manage Selected actions:

  1. Hover your cursor over the action you want to edit, then select the menu ellipsis .
  2. For forms and notifications, select Edit action label to change the label of the action.
    Enter the new label in the Action label field and select Save
  3. To select a driver to disable an action button, select Select driver line item, select the module that contains the driver line item, then select a Boolean-formatted line item. Find out more about access drivers here.
  4. To configure a model action to show intermediate steps and summary, unselect Run steps automatically.
  5. To remove an action, select Remove action.

When you edit a form or notification action its designer is displayed. You can configure forms and notifications in the same way as when you created them.

When you select Update after you edit a form, the form updates and you return to the configuration panel.

If your action card contains more than one action, you can change the order in which your action buttons display. To reorder your actions, select the six dots at the left end of the action you want to move. You can then drag it up or down to the position you want.

When you're happy with the configuration of your actions, select Publish. The card displays to users in the configuration you selected.