You can use most card types in worksheets, boards, and report pages. With some exceptions, you can reuse the cards as card templates in other page types.

Worksheet Board Report 
Action cardSupported.Supported.Not supported.
Chart cardSupported.Supported.

Supported. *

Only templates based on a custom view can be used in reports.

Field cardSupported.Supported.Insights panel.
Grid cardSupported.Supported.

Insights panel.

For report slides, use a table card.

Table cardUse a grid card.Use a grid card.Supported. 
Image cardSupported.Supported.Supported. *
KPI cardSupported.Supported.Supported. *
Map cardSupported.Supported.Supported. *
Text card Supported.Supported.Supported. *
Shape cardNot supported.Not supported.Supported. 

* Supported on report slides and the report page Insights panel.