Page builders can create a page for an app from the Pages pane in a model.

Before you begin, think about the type of page you want to create. Boards, worksheets, and reports have different features and advantages.

You must have the page builder role to create a page. The Create page button only displays to page builders.

The app you want to add a page to must already exist. You can create an app in the User Experience.

When you create a page from a model, the model you use is the source model for the page. You can change the source model with Page settings later.

Note: You can also create pages from an app in the User Experience. In that case, you can choose any model to be the source model.

To create a page from a model:

  1. Select Pages from the Model settings bar, then Create page.
  2. Choose the type of page you want to create.
  3. Enter your page details:
    1. Select an App to create your page in.
    2. Enter a Page name.
      The Workspace and Model fields are automatically completed for the workspace and model you're in.
    3. Optionally, either:
      • Choose a category from the dropdown.
      • Select Create a category , enter a name for the category, and select .
  4. Select Create board, Create worksheet, or Create report to open your draft page in designer mode. 

You can then go on to build your page. When you select Exit designer, Save, or Publish to leave designer mode, you return to the Pages pane in the model. Information about the new page displays in the right-hand panel.

Warning: You must save or publish your page to keep any changes you make to your page in designer mode. 


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