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  5. Change the source model for a page

As a page builder, you can change which workspace and model the data for a page is sourced from. This enables you to change the data that displays on a page while the page structure remains the same. For example, you can change the source of a page from a development environment to a production one.

You must be a page builder with access to the page in order to change the source model. Ensure you also have access to the model you want to use as the new source model.

To change the source model for a page, you must navigate to Page settings. You can launch Page settings from the app contents, the published page, or a draft page in designer mode. 

You can also change the source model for multiple pages in an app at once via the Manage models dialog.

Switch between sources when multiple models is enabled

If you have Professional or Enterprise entitlement, workspace administrators can enable multiple models for a page and associate additional models with that page.

When a page has more than one model associated, you can use the Switch source models drop-down list to switch between associated source models.  Workspace administrators can edit a page's association with a model in the Source model tab in Page Settings.

When multiple models is enabled for a page, page builders can still view the Source model tab. However, only workspace administrators can add, remove, and edit a model's association with a page, or disable  multiple models.

Forms and source model management

When you change the source model for a page, any forms on the page use the selected model as their data source. If the data structure of the source model is different to the previous model, you need to edit the form for match the new data structure.

Change the source model for a page

To change the source model for a single page:

  1. In Page settings dialog, click the Source model tab.
    Drop-down lists display for Workspace and Model.
  2. Select a workspace from the Workspace drop-down list.
  3. Select a model from the Model drop-down list.
  4. Click Apply.
    The source model is changed and a confirmation notification displays in the top-right of the screen.

The Page settings dialog remains open after you apply the change so you can adjust other settings as needed. To close the dialog, click Close.