Workspace administrators can view the pages that use data from a model in the Pages pane. They can also open the module a page uses to examine the underlying data.

Select Pages from the Model settings bar to:

  • Create a new page with the model as a source.
  • View the names and details of pages associated with the model.
  • Open pages associated with the model.
  • Open the module that contains the data a selected page displays.

If there are pages that use data from the model, each displays as a row displays information in four columns:


The name of the page and an icon for the page type:

  • for boards
  • for worksheets
  • for reports
The app that contains the page.The date and time updates were last saved for the page.The date and time updates were last published to the page.

All times that display are Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

You can sort the rows by any of the columns. Select the up or down arrow next to any column header to toggle the contents in ascending or descending order.

You can select a page or app name to open it in a new tab.

Select anywhere else in the row to view further details about the page. A panel opens to the right that displays a General tab and a Modules tab.

The General tab displays:

  • The page name, type, and category.
  • The name of the app that contains the page.
  • The app's description, if there is one.
  • Whether the page is in draft or published.
  • The date and time that the page was created, last updated, or published.

The Modules tab displays all the modules in the model that are used by pages. You can enter terms in the Search field to filter the list of modules. Select a module to open it in a new model tab.


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