This example demonstrates how to use dynamic cell access to control read and write access to time periods.

Before you create an access driver module, create a simple Products list, such as:

All products

  • Soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Red wine
  • Rose wine
  • White wine
  • Craft ale
  • Coffee
  • Tea

To control access to time periods:

  1. Select Modules in the model settings bar.
  2. Create an access driver module, and name it Access drivers - time.
    1. Position Time on columns.
    2. Insert two line items, Read and Write. These are the access drivers.
    3. Select Blueprint , then change the format of both line items to Boolean.
  3. Create a target module, and name it Products over time.
    1. Position Time on columns.
    2. Insert a line item, name it Data, and position it on Pages.
    3. Position the Products list on rows.
    4. Select Blueprint , then apply the Access drivers - time.Read and Access drivers - time.Write access drivers to the Read Access Driver and Write Access Driver columns, respectively.
    5. In Grid view, enter some numbers.
  Soft drinks1080110801090
  Red wine5010090106010
  Rose wine502050405080
  White wine7070308010050
  Craft ale805010603060
All products510470450410360500
  1. For the purposes of this example, publish both modules to a single dashboard, and name it Product sales data.
  2. Use the access driver checkboxes to dynamically control access to product sales data in the target module, Products over time.
      1. For example, select both Read and Write for March 22 to enable write access to product sales in March 22. You can edit blue values.
      2. Select Read for Jan 22 and Feb 22 to enable read access to product sales in those months.
        Product sales data is invisible for the other months because both Read and Write are deselected.
Dashboard that shows Access drivers - time module and Products over time module, so you can see the impact of selecting read and right cells..