Model builders use dynamic cell access to control access to line items (cells) in module grid views, UX pages, and classic dashboards. You can grant access at a granular level, down to the level of a user.

You can make the contents of cells or rows and columns read-only, editable, or hidden. You configure access with Boolean flags.

For example, you can restrict the visibility of cell data for individual time periods. You can also restrict the visibility for a combination of lists, such as product sales in specific regions.

You can use dynamic cell access with the Users list to let users enter data, but not view data entered by others.

If you want to set up dynamic cell access, you can:

Whether dynamic cell access is preserved in model-to-model imports depends on your access rights in both the source and target model and your status as a workspace administrator.

Note: If you're a workspace administrator, you can import from a file into cells for which you do not have dynamic cell write access.