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  3. Board overview

Boards are designed to provide end users with high-level information.

Once the purpose of a board is confirmed, a page builder can create the data display for the end user to analyze. 

Learn how to build a board.

Use a board to display and compare sets of related data so that users can carry outperformance analysis. 

Both page builders and end users can view boards.
Page builders create and build boards in designer mode. Page builders use Board designer to lay out the data for end users to view.
Below is an example of a board. The board displays different types of data against each other so end users can do a comparative analysis. The page builder creates each type of data display using various types of cards. The cards are all positioned on the page to create a board.
The dropdown lists in the top-right of the page are context selectors. Each context selector has a list of dimension values you can select from. The data display changes to reflect your context selection.

A board page. KPI cards, chart cards, and a grid card provide information about a company's Gross Margin.

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