The Users list is a list of all the users that have access to a model.

Workspace administrators can control user access to the model in Model Settings Users pane, which you can select from Model settings .

The Users pane displays all users that have access to a workspace. This includes users that have the No Access model role for the current model, but can access other models in the workspace. However, the Users list only includes those with access to the model.

As the Users list is not a general list, you cannot add list properties or a top level.

You can use the Users list as a dimension in modules.

Workspace administrators can view all users in the list when you use the Users list as a module dimension. Other users only see their own user name.

If a module has Users as a dimension, you can create a rule to filter by the Current User. When you filter by Current User only data for the current user displays. This applies even if the user is a workspace administrator, and the Users list is on Pages, and you select a different user from the Pages dropdown.

You can also select Show All Users: On or Show All Users: Off in the Users List column of the Modules pane or Blueprint view for the module. This toggles whether workspace administrators can view the full list or only their own user name. It applies only to what displays in the dimension, and not in any line item you format with the User list.

The Users list is always treated as production data, which means you cannot select users as list items to directly reference in formulas. That is, you cannot refer to a Users list item with the syntax Users.username.

You can use the Users list to format a line item as a picklist. By default, the picklist dropdown displays all the users in the list, even to users who are not workspace administrators.

To limit the picklist so non-workspace administrators can only view their own name, a workspace administrator can select Selective Access as a filter in the line item Format dialog. If you also select Allow access to unfiltered items, users can select Show All to view the entire Users list.

The line item Format dialog with List selected as the Type and Users selected as the list. Selective Access and Allow access to unfiltered items are selected for the Filter options.

The full list still displays for workspace administrators.

Note: Selective access for the Users list differs from selective access that applies to general lists. Workspace administrators control selective access for general lists in the Users pane or in Grid view for each list. Selective access for the Users list only ever filters access to the user's own user name in a picklist.