A picklist is a dropdown list that provides users with a list of valid values to select from.

Simple picklists are list-formatted line items. You can select list items from a list, list subset, or line item subset to populate line items with data.

For example, if you want to assign new employees to a department, you can create a Department line item that is formatted on the Departments list.

Employee AHR
Employee BMarketing
Employee CSales

Filtered picklists, like simple picklists, are list-formatted line items. There are two types of filtered picklist: one-to-many and many-to-many.

Unlike simple picklists, filtered picklists contain more complexity and reference other lists in a model: the driver and filter lists. Selections made in a driver list determine what users can select in a filter list.

You can also create an additional list that maps the relationship between list items in the driver and filter lists.

For example, if you want to update compensation plans for different roles, use filtered picklists to guide users to the correct values.

In this example, the Role line item is list-formatted on the Role list, the driver, and the Compensation Plan line item is list-formatted on the Compensation Plan list, the filter. Only Plan A appears as a valid list item for the Executive role, but both Plan A and Plan B appear as valid list items for the Senior Director role.

RoleCompensation Plan
Employee AExecutivePlan A
Employee BSenior DirectorPlan A
Employee CSenior DirectorPlan B
Employee DTeam LeaderPlan C
Employee EStaff MemberPlan E

Manage all lists for use as picklists in General Lists in the model settings bar.