1. PlanIQ
  2. Create a forecast action

When you've created your forecast model, create a forecast action to run it on demand or to run automatically to a set schedule. 

You can import the action into the Anaplan UX and click the action button to run the forecast from a worksheet or board page. 

Ensure your selected forecast model is ready to use and you've set your data import settings in Anaplan. 

To create a forecast action:

  1. Select New forecast action.
  2. Enter a unique name in the Forecast action name field.
    Ensure you use the same name in the line item in the forecast actions list
  3. Select a Forecast model from the dropdown.
    The action uses this model to generate the predictions.
  4. In Data import information, select the Target workspace, Target model, and Import action.
    This configures where the forecast imports its predictions to. 
  5. For advanced users, you can change the quantile values in the Advanced section, in Forecast quantiles.
    • Enter a value between 0.1 and 0.49 in the Lower quantile field.
    • Enter a value between 0.51 and 0.99 in the Upper quantile field.
      Ensure both values have up to two decimal points. 
  6. Select Create forecast action.
    You can choose to schedule the forecast so it runs automatically. You can set one schedule for each forecast action.
    To run the forecast on demand, select Run forecast action in the Overview tab in the right panel.