In the Anaplan mobile app, cards on a board display vertically. The card that displays at the top is the card that displays in the top-left of desktop Anaplan. Page builders configure which cards display on boards.

To see a card in closer detail, maximize the card .

The Anaplan mobile app supports these card types:

  • Action
  • Chart (area, bar, column, combination, dot, pie, donut, line, waterfall)
  • Field
  • Grid
  • Image
  • KPI
  • Text

You access cards on worksheets by selecting the Insights tab.

Fields on a field card are linked to line items. Depending on the field type, you can either edit the data value, or follow a link. You can edit the value of each field and changes will be displayed immediately.You can do this straight from the board the field card is on, or when the field card is maximized. If an email or link field type contains a link, you can follow the link from within the mobile app. These field types are read-only and can't be edited.

 Any changes you make to a field are reflected throughout the app, and any other apps with the same source model.

Zoom in on a chart to view data more closely. This option is available on full-screen chart cards in both portrait and landscape mode.

When a chart displays many values, some axis labels may be hidden to aid readability. However, when you zoom in, previously-hidden axis labels become visible.

To zoom in on a chart, place your index finger and thumb on the screen, and move them apart. This enlarges the selected area.

To zoom out, place your index finger and thumb on the screen, and pinch them together. This restores the view to its original size.

Tap the action button on the action card, and run the action.

To run an action from a worksheet or a card that isn't an action card, tap the ellipsis in the top-right corner. Tap Actions, select the action, then run it.