In the Anaplan mobile app, cards on a board display vertically. The card that displays at the top is the card that displays in the top-left of desktop Anaplan. Page builders configure which cards display on boards.

To examine a card in closer detail, maximize it. Some card types enable you to interact with data.

The Anaplan mobile app supports these card types:

  • Action
  • Chart (area, bar, column, combination, dot, pie, donut, line, waterfall)
  • Field
  • Grid
  • Image
  • KPI
  • Text

if there are cards on a worksheet, you can access them via the Additional insights button.

Additionally, page builders can add links to cards. Depending upon how they configure the card, you can access the link via the card title, or a link icon in the top-right of the card. Additionally, they can add a link to the image in an image card.

Learn more about how to use certain card types:


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