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  5. Grids
  6. Edit the primary grid

You can edit the primary grid to display data either from a different saved view or a new custom view.

This enables you to expose users to the data that is of greatest relevance to their needs.

Your primary grid must display data from the same model as the rest of the page. However, if you change the view, you can display different data from within that model.

You can change the source model for the page from the Source model tab in Page settings.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, a workspace administrator can associate multiple models with the page. The page can still only display data from one model at a time. However, if you have access to multiple source models, you can use the Switch source model drop-down list to switch between them.

To edit the primary grid:

  1. Open the worksheet in designer mode.
A worksheet in designer mode. The Select view button is located in the top right of the screen.
  1. Click Select view in the top right of the screen.
    The Select primary grid dialog displays, with Custom views and Module views displayed in the left panel.
  2. To select another view to use as the primary grid, choose:
    Custom views, and a view; or
    Module views, a module, and a view.
  3. Click Next.
  4. A preview of the grid displays in the center of the screen.
    If you're happy with the preview, click Update; alternatively, click Back to choose another module view.
  5. Click Publish in the top right of the screen to save the worksheet.