1. Mobile app
  2. Context selectors

Context selectors on the mobile app allow users to select specific values and see data updates as they happen. They can be applied to pages or cards with more than two dimensions.

If a page has context selectors, you'll see an All button in the bottom left of the page. The number beside the tab indicates how many context selectors there are on the page. 

Card synchronization settings determine where context selectors appear on the mobile app.  If cards are:

  • synchronized: the context selectors display at the bottom of the page, to the right of the All button. 
  • unsynchronized: the context selectors display on the bottom of the card. For unsynchronized cards, the context selection applies only to the card, not the page.
Board titled Costs. Context selectors are highlighted at the bottom.

Apply a context selector

To apply a context selector to a card or a page:

  1. Tap the context selector for the dimension value you want to change.
    If you're applying context selectors to a card, you'll need to expand it first. 
    A list of dimension values is displayed, each with a radio button that indicates you can now make a selection.
    If there are further levels in the hierarchy, the context selector displays a forward arrow (>). 
  2. Either:
    tap the radio button to select a dimension value; or
    tap the forward arrow (>) to move through the list; or
    tap the back arrow (<) to go back a step.
  3. Tap Apply to apply your selection to the page.
    The page displays data for your selected dimension values.
    Alternatively, tap Cancel to cancel your selection.

Apply multiple context selectors

You can apply multiple context selectors from the same screen. You don't need to apply each context selector individually.

To apply multiple context selectors:

  1. Tap All
  2. Follow steps 1-2 in the procedure above.
    Tap Select to choose a different dimension value. 
  3. Tap Apply to apply all.

Learn how to search a context selector.

Reset all context selectors

To reset all context selectors and restore the default values for a page:

  1. Tap All.
  2. Click Reset all.