1. Mobile app
  2. Cards on mobile

In the Anaplan mobile app, cards on a board display vertically. On mobile, the card that displays at the top is the card that displays in the top-left of desktop Anaplan.

Cards, which page builders configure, display data in the best way for you to perform analysis.

Some card types enable you to interact with data.

Boards consist entirely of vertically-displayed cards. To examine a card in closer detail, maximize it.

Product Sales Board. An image card displays at the top. A grid card displays underneath the image card.

If a page builder configures it, worksheets link to cards, via the Additional insights button.

Region Approval Status worksheet. The additional insights button is highlighted in the bottom-right.Additional insights screen. Two grid cards display vertically.

Anaplan's mobile app supports these card types:

  • Chart (area, bar and column, combination, dot, pie and donut, line, waterfall)
  • Grid
  • Image
  • Field
  • KPI
  • Text

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