When you export data, you can choose from different file types to suit your use case, such as CSV or PDF. The default export file type is CSV.

If you want to import data back into Anaplan, you must export your data to a CSV or TXT file.

You can export data to the following file types. Use the Comma Separate Values for Excel file type if your data contains non-ASCII characters.

File typeFile extensionSupports grid lines and text formatting
Excel (XLS).xls
Excel without formatting (XLS).xls
Excel Open XML (XLSX).xlsx
Excel Open XML without formatting (XLSX).xlsx
Comma Separated Values (CSV).csv
Text (TXT).txt
Adobe PDF (PDF).pdf
Comma Separated Values for Excel (CSV).csv

Note: You can only export up to 1,370 pages to an XLS file, or up to 10,000 pages to an XLSX file. Choose a different format if you need to export more pages.

You can only export source modules with up to 65,536 rows to an XLS file, or up to 1048,576 rows to an XLSX file. 

If you export a text value that includes commas to a CSV file, the export inserts double-quotation marks around the value. This applies to line items with Text data types.

If you export to Excel, your data may display in a different format. For example, if you export data to a CSV, then open the file in Excel, time periods convert to dates. Learn how to manage data in Excel in Import or export text (.txt or .csv) files .