When you save an export definition, you can choose whether the export file is private, shared with everyone, or shared only with workspace administrators.

Export definitions record export settings, such as the layout options and the file type of the export data. If you save an export definition, users can run an export with those settings again, either as an action or with the Anaplan Integrations API .

Any time you run an export, it creates a file containing the exported data that you can download. When you run the export as an action in the model, the export file downloads automatically.

With the API, you can:

When you configure the privacy level for your export, you can choose for the file the export generates to save as private. If you do this, other users can run the export from the saved definition to generate an export file. However, the data that exports is determined by each user's access rights, and only the user who runs the export can download the file that export generates.

If you set an export to share with administrators only, then only workspace administrators can download the file. Other users who try to download the file with the API receive an empty file.

If you set an export to share with everyone, any user can download the file.

Private files expire after 48 hours. If an API user tries to download a private export file and it's expired, but there's a shared file available, they receive the shared file instead.

When workspace administrators run an export, they can select the Save Export Definition checkbox in the bottom left of the Export dialog. They then have the option to name the export and choose whether it generates a private file or a shared file. In the Set as default file for dropdown you can select:

  • Just me (keep private) to generate a private file.
  • Administrators to generate a file that only workspace administrators can download.
  • Everyone to generate a file anyone with user access to the model can download.

The export generates private files by default.

We recommend that you always set export files to share with Administrators.

Export files shared with Everyone are available to all users in your Anaplan environment via the Anaplan API. When a workspace administrator generates an export, it includes data that non-administrators are unable to see in the model because selective access restricts access to it. If the export is shared with everyone, non-administrator users can download data they can't access in the model.