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  5. Cell history

Use cell history to view the changes made to data in a grid. You can view changes made to data for the whole grid or for specific cells in a grid, over a selected period of time.

Cell history enables you to see how and when data in a grid was changed, and by whom. You can also view all the changes made to the values in a range of cells in a grid, and retrieve previous cell values. To do this, view the change history of a single data cell, row or column, a range of cells, rows or columns, or the entire grid.

All users can view data changes for a single cell or selected cells; modeling changes are not shown, only changes to data values. Users can only see the history of data they have access to.

To view a history of cell changes:

  1. Select the cells for which you want to view the change history.
    Tip: You can select a single cell, a range of adjacent cells, or one or more columns or rows. To select all visible cells in a module, click the top-left cell.
  2. Click the Cell history icon in the top right of the grid, above the column headers.
The cell history icon enables you to see data changes made to your cell selection over time.

The following time periods display:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • All
    If you select All, the history of all data changes ever made to your selected cells displays. There is a caveat to this. Step 4 talks about the maximum number of items the Cell history dialog displays. 
  • Date range
  1. Select a time period.
    If you select Date range, a dialog displays. To confirm a date range, enter dates into the From and To fields (or select a date from the date picker). 
  2. Click Confirm.
    The Cell history dialog displays the data values. This includes the date and time of the change, and the user who made the change.
    Important: The retrieval of All changes can take some time, especially in large models.
  3. Review the change history in the Cell history dialog.
    A maximum of 1,000 changes are displayed.
  4. Click Close.
    The Cell history dialog closes and the grid displays.