The IP allow list includes policies that specify which end users' IP addresses are allowed to authenticate into the Anaplan platform. 

Authentication is a security process that verifies your identity and approves your access to Anaplan upon log in.

If your IP address is:

  • Added to the IP allow list, the IP allow list approves your authentication and you can access Anaplan.
  • Not added to the IP allow list, the IP allow list blocks your authentication and you're unable to access Anaplan.

The IP allow list supports these authentication methods:

  • Certificate authentication
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • Web authentication (user name and password)

Tenant security administrators can set up the IP allow list for their tenant.

The IP allow list is disabled by default. To set up the IP allow list, access Administration, add an IP address to create a new policy, and then enable the IP allow list.

Note: You can enable the IP allow list for the default tenant only. The list doesn't block authentication for visiting users.

See Anaplan tools covered by the IP allow list.

To resolve login and authentication issues that can happen when the IP allow list is enabled, see IP allow list authentication errors .