All models have four available modes: standard, deployed, locked, and archived.

In the context of Application Lifecycle Management:

  • Standard mode, enabled by default for new models, is intended for model building and maintenance.
  • Deployed mode is designed exclusively for use with test and production models.

The following table provides more detail on each mode, as well as online and offline status.

ModeDescriptionUse for…

The default, standard mode provides full access to model data, including structural information. Depending on user access and administrative rights, all actions are permitted in models in standard mode. Standard mode can also be online or offline.

Note: Standard mode provides all the features and functionality you're used to. Model building in standard mode is identical to model building in versions of Anaplan before ALM features were introduced.

Development models

Deployed mode blocks any modifications from being made to a model’s structural information. The model can be online or offline. It's not possible to add revision tags in deployed mode.

End users (or testers) can change a model’s production data by working with dashboards, entering data into modules, managing users, and other similar activities.

Workspace administrators can only restore a model back to a restore point ID that existed after the model was last synchronized. Enabling deployed mode doesn’t move a model to a different workspace or environment.

Warning: Do not disable deployed mode in production models or sync target models. If structural changes are made after disabling deployed mode, the model will become incompatible for synchronization with previously compatible source models. In some circumstances, you can recover a sync incompatible model by reverting to the most recent revision tag. For help, see Work with revision tags.

Production models

Test models

Preventing accidental changes while a model is in production use

LockedLocking a model makes it read-only for all users, including workspace administrators.Making a model temporarily read-only
ArchivedArchiving a model enables you to store the model in Anaplan without it contributing to the workspace allowance. You can restore an archived model, with all its data, into the same workspace at a later date.


Reducing the total size of a model’s parent workspace

Models in standard or deployed modes have a status of either online or offline.

OnlineOnline models can be accessed by any user who has permission to open the model.
OfflineOffline models can only be accessed by workspace administrators. End users can view, but not access, offline models from their model list.