Every Anaplan model consists of structural information and production data.

Structural information consists of a model's configuration settings and lists (except for production lists). Structural information can't be edited when a model is in Deployed mode. Changes that affect a model’s structural information are known as structural changes.

You can think of a model's structural information as its metadata. Metadata is of minimal concern to an application's end users, but very important for model builders and workspace administrators.

Production data is operational data that changes often during day-to-day business operations, including:

  • Values of cells in modules
  • The contents of production lists and the values of any associated properties
  • The configuration of imports and import data source (IDS) definitions marked as production data
  • Production users
  • Workflow states

Structural information reference provides a complete list of a model's structural information, and any exceptions treated as production data.

When changes are synchronized from one model to another, only structural information is moved. Production data isn't included in the synchronization process. Instead, it must be imported between models using Model Settings > Source Models.

Revision tags capture a model's structural information and not its production data. As a result, models created from a revision tag contain only structural information. If you compare revision tags in the same model, only structural information is compared.

After making at least one structural change, you can revert a model back to the most recent revision tag.

For more details on these tasks, see Work with revision tags.