Discover which module a dashboard element is based on.

The Open source module option is available in both run-time and design mode. You can access it from the dashboard element menu for grids, charts, and line items published from a grid or a chart. It is not available for lists, buttons, page selectors, or list properties.

When you open the source module, it displays on a new tab and has focus. If the dashboard is based on a view of a module, the original module is displayed not the view.

Multiple users can be working on dashboard elements and their sources at the same time. If another user saves changes to the module when you open it, the new version of the module is displayed because the version you originally opened no longer exists.

For grids, access to the Open source module option is controlled by Menu Options in the Dashboard Designer. You can assign access to each grid element individually. Select the checkbox to make it available to users or deselect it to restrict access.

Administrators can prevent users from accessing Open source module for line items published to a dashboard. If you do this, users will:

  • Not be able to access the source of Form elements on dashboards
  • Have no way of knowing the source of a line item.

To disable Open source module for a published line item:

  1. Select the line item in the Dashboard Designer properties panel.
  2. Deselect Open source module in Menu Options.

To open the source module from a Drill down dialog on a module or dashboard:

  1. Select the arrow to the top left of the line item or grid for which you want to open the source module.
  2. Select Open source module.

Note: If Open source module is not selected for a dashboard grid, this option still displays in the Drill down dialog.