Quick Filter reduces the number of data items displayed on dashboard grids, without needing to understand the multidimensional aspect of the model.

Quick Filter is available from the Quick Access toolbar, or from the context menu on rows and columns on dashboard grids. They're always available regardless of whether standard filters are enabled in Menu Options in the Dashboard Designer.

With Quick Filter you can:

  • Add a single Quick Filter to each column or row.
  • Show or hide all the blank cells in a column.
  • Show items based on the criteria that you specify.
  • Filter a row that displays a line item subset.
  • Apply a Quick Filter to a master dashboard or a personal dashboard, and save that dashboard where Personal Saved Dashboards is enabled.
  • Create a Quick Filter for each valid selection.

Note: Quick filters replace list filters on dashboard grids. Existing list filters are not converted to quick filters, but are available from the filter dialog.

Quick Filters are independent of standard filters. A series of rules govern the way in which the number of visible cells is reduced. They:

  • Support one filter per column or row.
  • Are always combined with Filters using AND logic, regardless of the way in which the standard filters are configured.
  • Can not be disabled, but you can use the Clear Quick Filters option.
  • Are cleared when you pivot a grid.
  • Can only be created if there are no standard filters that are disabled. You must first clear or enable standard filters that are disabled.

When filtering a list-formatted line item, the standard filter always displays every item in that list. However, the list items displayed in Quick Filter are dependent on any choices made previously. For example, selecting EMEA from a list of regions will cause Quick Filter to display only those countries in that are in EMEA.

You can not apply a Quick Filter to a column when rows contain line items. These are examples of valid selections:

  • A column containing the Time dimension when rows contain a lis
  • A row containing the Time dimension when columns contain a list.
  • A line item in a subsidiary view.

A Quick Filter only shows unique items for the first 100,000 cells in a grid. If the number of items exceeds this limit when you create a quick filter, you'll receive a warning message. If you need to filter your data on an item that's not in the dropdown, you can either:

Note: If your model contains a large amount of data, the items might take several seconds to display.