On dashboard grids, the Quick Access toolbar provides rapid access to often-used functions.

The toolbar displays when a dashboard grid has focus and provides access to:

Quick Access Search
Search the line items in the grid.
Quick Access Filter
Filter the data in the grid.
Quick Access Maximise
Maximize the grid and restore it to its former size.

Administrators should be aware that if they disable user access to filter functionality, in the Properties panel of the Dashboard Designer, the filter icon will be removed from the toolbar.

Users can search a grid using the shortcut keys, Ctrl-Shift-S or Cmd-Ctrl-S. These shortcuts are displayed on the dashboard element menu via the blue dot menu.

The Quick Access toolbar will not appear as an entry in the Application Lifecycle Management diff report unless the Filter option in the Properties panel of the Dashboard Designer is enabled or disabled.

The Filter icon is displayed in different ways, depending on the state of the filter: hovering over the icon will display an explanation of the filter state. The icons show that a filter:

Filter Applied icon
is applied to the grid.
Filter Disabled icon
is disabled.
No Filter icon
doesn't exist.
Filter Error icon
is broken and showing an error.

Filter functionality can also be accessed via the Data menu in the dashboard element menu and the right-click context menu.

The Quick Access toolbar is enabled for all newly-published dashboard grids. To guarantee there are no inadvertent layout changes to existing dashboards, the toolbar is disabled by default.

Administrators can enable the Quick Access toolbar on a grid-by-grid basis, in Dashboard Designer. Select Show Toolbar in the Toolbar Options section of the Properties panel. Deselect the option to hide the toolbar from end users.