Reorder items when you design a view to help users find important data quickly.

You can reorder:

  • Line items
  • Line item subsets
  • Lists
  • List item subsets
  • Versions
  • Time

When you reorder items, the new order applies only to the worksheet or configured card. The order of the list remains unchanged everywhere else.

Any sorts applied to a dimension override any reorders that you apply. However, if the sort has no effect on the data currently displayed, the reorder still applies.

To reorder items:

  1. Select Configure grid on a new worksheet, or Select view on an existing worksheet. Alternatively, create and configure a new chart or grid card.
    The Select data source displays in the Select primary grid or Card configuration panel. The displayed dialog depends on whether you're designing a view for a worksheet or card, but the functionality remains the same.
  2. In the Custom views tab, select a module, which displays a preview.
  3. Select the Reorder icon from the toolbar at the top-right of the preview, below any context selectors.
    The row and column dimensions display in a dropdown list.
  4. Select the dimension you want to reorder.
    The Reorder panel displays on the right, containing a list of items in the dimension you've selected.
The Select primary grid dialog with a Custom view named Income Statement open. The mouse icon is hovered over the Reorder icon in the toolbar to the top-right of the grid, and the Reorder panel displays on the right of the screen.
  1. Optionally, enter part of an item's name you want to reorder in the search field to refine the list.
    If you select a list item, you're taken to its position but it isn't selected.
  2. Select one or more items:
    • Select an item.
    • Hold Ctrl or Cmd and select multiple items.
    • Hold Shift and select two different items to select those items and all between them.
  3. To reorder the selected items, either:
    • Use the arrow buttons to move selected items:
      • The single up / down arrow button moves the selected items one step up / down.
      • The double up / down arrows button moves the selected items to the top / bottom.
    • Select the drag handle to the left of the selected items, and drag them to a new location.
  4. Select Apply to reorder the items.
  5. Select the X in the top-right of the panel to close the Reorder panel.