When you make changes to a dashboard in design mode, you can save the dashboard to publish your changes to all users.

Multiple workspace administrators can work on the same dashboard at the same time in Dashboard Designer. There are a range of options to consider for when another user saves changes to a dashboard you're working on.

Classic dashboards are not supported for new customers. Build Apps or Pages in the User Experience instead.

This procedure concerns structural changes to dashboard elements made in Dashboard Designer. Data edits save automatically, even if you close the dashboard tab and select ‌Discard Changes.

You must be a workspace administrator in order to use Dashboard Designer. Select Edit in the dashboard toolbar to enter design mode.

All users with access to the data a dashboard displays can work with data on a dashboard on a published dashboard. These changes are saved automatically to the model. 

In Dashboard Designer, the save options are disabled until you make a change. When you make a change to a dashboard, the dashboard name changes to italic. In Anaplan Classic, the name becomes italic and blue, and an asterisk displays after the name.to

Note: If personal dashboards are enabled and you save changes to a master dashboard, all personal dashboards based on the master reset to the master dashboard.

To save changes to a dashboard, in the dashboard toolbar, select either:

    • Save to publish and remain in Dashboard Designer.
    • Save & Exit to publish and view the published dashboard.

To exit without saving, select either:

    • Close to discard structural changes but retain any data changes.
    • Reset to discard your changes and restore the dashboard to the latest version saved to the server.

If you click the cross in the dashboard tab to close without saving, a dialog asks for confirmation. You can select:

    • Save & Publish to save your changes and display the published dashboard.
    • Discard Changes to close the tab without saving your changes.
    • Cancel to keep the tab open and return to design mode.

If another workspace administrator makes changes to the dashboard before you save your edits, the next time you make a change:

    • A Dashboard Pending Updates message displays.
    • An Update to the latest version button displays in the toolbar.

You can choose to:

    • Select Copy to save a new copy of the dashboard that includes your changes.
    • Select Update to the latest version to reset the dashboard to the new version.
      This discards your changes and displays the most-recently saved version of the dashboard.
      Note that this may differ from the version of the dashboard you originally opened.