Workspace administrators can configure models in the model settings bar. The model settings bar includes Time , Versions , and Users .

Select the cog icon () in the Classic modeling interface to open the model settings bar. 

In the new modeling experience, navigate to the model settings bar on the left of the screen. If you want to learn more about the model settings bar in the new modeling experience, read Configure models.

Use the following options to configure your model:

Model areaDescription
TimeSet the calendar for your model, define time ranges, and choose a current period.
VersionsCreate versions to compare different scenarios in a model.
UsersControl user access to a model.
ContentsOrganize a model's contents by role.
ActionsAutomate routine tasks in a model with actions, such as imports and exports.
Source modelsChoose alternative sources for model-to-model production data imports.
ModulesCreate modules to enter data and calculate values in a model.
DashboardsPublish module data to a dashboard to create a combination of user-friendly grids and charts.
HistoryView a detailed audit trail for all changes in a model.
Revision tagsCapture structural changes to a model with revision tags.
Data tagsGroup related information in a model with data tags.
Lists and roll-upsCreate lists to group similar items in a model, such as product, employees, or regions. Create line item subsets to group line items from different modules into one list.


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