You can sort data in a custom view to display values in columns and rows by ascending or descending order.

On a grid with nested dimensions, you can only sort child items. You cannot sort parent items as they contain multiple child items that should not sort together.

You can set the sort for a grid on a custom view. Module views are not customizable.

You can only sort custom views when you edit or design a custom view. Ensure that you are in the Select primary grid or Card designer dialog before you begin.

To sort data in a custom view:

  1. Under the Custom views tab on the left, select the source module for the view you want to sort.
    A preview of the default view for the source module you select displays on the right.
  2. Click the header of the row or column to sort.
    A blue line highlights your selection.
  3. Click the sort button in the worksheet toolbar.
    The sort drop-down menu displays.
Select main grid dialog. Sort ascending and sort descending options display in the top right.
  1. Select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
    The data in the column sorts by your selection.
    An arrow displays in the row or column header to indicate the order of sort: up (for Sort ascending) or down (for Sort descending).
    The sort button in the toolbar also changes so that the arrow that indicates the sort direction is larger and blue.
  2. Click Next to preview your custom view in your worksheet or chart, grid, or KPI card.
    The additional configuration options on this screen vary between worksheets and different card types.
    • You can click Back and modify the custom view further. 
  3. Click Update.
    Your grid or card and displays on your page in designer mode.
  4. Click Publish, in the top-right corner, to publish the custom view to the page.


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