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The Assign action enables you to easily assign a list item to a parent, unassign a list item, or assign an item to display against more than one parent. Assign Only enables you to assign list items to a parent, but not unassign items that have already been assigned.

List items can only have one parent. However, as Assign and Assign Only use numbered lists, you can assign the display name for a list item to more than one list.

You can use the Assign and Assign Only action to assign:

  • People to projects
  • Products to customers
  • Products to promotions
  • Accounts and territories to sales reps

You can use Assign Only to add an extra layer of security. For example, an approver might not want another user to remove items from a list that they've previously approved. You can grant the approver access to an Assign action and restrict access for users with other roles to an Assign Only action.


An Assign or Assign Only action requires a specific numbered list(opens external page) with at least one list-formatted property, and a parent hierarchy.

The list-formatted property and parent hierarchy can be either a normal hierarchical list or a numbered list. 

Only workspace administrators can set up an Assign or Assign Only action. If you add an Assign or Assign Only action to a dashboard, anyone with the appropriate access can use the action. 

Note: As a workspace administrator, you must ensure that users have the write-access to the numbered list they want to assign items to. 


Suppose you want to assign sales reps to accounts across several countries. 

Set up a numbered list, Sales reps, that has a list-formatted property, Display Name. Format the Display Name as your employee list, Employees. Select your Countries list as the parent hierarchy.

A model open to General Lists. The Sales reps list is marked with a hash symbol to indicate that it is a numbered list. It has the Countries list in the Parent Hierarchy and Display Name property that uses the Employees list.

You can then create an Assign or Assign Only action, with the Employees-list-formatted display name property. The action enables users to assign sales reps to countries.

The Assign dialog box open over an Assign Accounts dashboard. America is selected on the dashboard and displays in the Assign Sales Reps header. In the dialog is a list of employees on the left, and on the right is a field that displays assigned items. Between the two fields is and arrow that points to the right, and an arrow that points to the left.

As the action uses a numbered list, you can assign sales reps to more than one country. Just select a different country and click the assign button to run the action again.

An Assign dialog open over a dashboard. On the dashboard, Mexico is selected. Mexico displays in the header for the action. Paula Lopez is selected in the assigned items field.

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